The Life-Changing Magic Of KonMari-ing Your iPhone Apps

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at home alone, and for anything, I decided to observe Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. I bear in mind being swept up the last time Kondo Fever hit a few years ago, and the way to her, my dresser drawers are neat, and I swear by way of folding my clothes into tidy thirds.

Surely, I had absorbed the entirety of the KonMari technique — my Brooklyn condominium is pretty organized. In contrast to the majority of her show, I understand the whole thing.

Except when I shut off the TV and collected my cellphone to tweet that more humans wanted her than Jesus, I realized that while I had wiped clean out my bodily areas a long time ago, my virtual clutter became out of manage. I had over 150 apps downloaded onto my iPhone 7, all sorted into puzzling folders across seven displays.

There have been seven text messaging apps—LINE for friends in Japan, WhatsApp for opposite global pals, KakaoTalk for the circle of relatives in Korea, Signal for my journalist pals, the default Messages app, Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts for Google. If you introduced video chatting, I would have 11 apps for gabbing with buddies and a circle of relatives.

There have been a whopping 21 apps for controlling various aspects of the clever domestic, such as 8 for robotic vacuums I not had in my possession. I had eleven apps for numerous styles of notice-taking, to-do lists, and references. For some purpose, I had ten apps for photograph-editing and video apps. There have been 36 cellular games, four meal delivery apps, and seven rideshare apps — away too many to be practical.

If you had asked me in which I should discover a particular app, I would’ve turned it into the shrug emoji. I’d been unable to find an app I changed into looking to use.

But that’s the component. Most of these apps consumed the garage on my telephone for months without delivering any software. I downloaded many for my job trying out smart home and health tech, and I in no way was given the round to delete them because it’s handsiest a count number of times before Garmin places out. Any other health tracker for me to check properly?

Staring at my smartphone, I become overcome with tension. And then I remembered I’d just watched three episodes of Marie Kondo’s cleaning up people’s Lives. Why now not practice her technique on my phone apps?

About an hour and a half or later, I was done. My telephone became 80 apps lighter, I knew where everyone was, and I best had 2.Five monitors overall. Here’s how I did it in two smooth steps.


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