Slog PM: Microsoft Tries to Shape up after Discrimination Claims, Notre Dame Interior Mostly Intact (For Now)

Microsoft unveils new Employee Advocacy Team: Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, sent a letter to the organization nowadays to deal with recent lawsuits that Microsoft is shitty toward its woman employees. Last month, a set of lady Microsoft employees specific in a sequence e-mail the harassment, mistreatment, and discrimination they had confronted even as running there. So, Microsoft is stepping up. There’s going to be an Employee Advocacy Team (something that is), inclusivity schooling for the sixteen,000 managers, extra-disciplinary suggestions, and other modifications.
Jay qualifies for the Democratic debates: Gov. Jay Inslee has raised around $2.25 million from a ramification of donors throughout u . S. That approach he can take part inside the Democratic National Committee debates in June. Inslee’s fundraising falls considerably beneath frontrunners in the race like Bernie Sanders who has raised $18 million or Kamala Harris’ $12 million.

Dead gray whale in Elliot Bay: Here’s a video of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife towing the 25-foot corpse of a juvenile grey whale to Whidbey Island for a necropsy. The whale turned into determined useless Monday in Elliot Bay, spotted by the Coast Guard Pier. According to officials, the whale seemed thin.

The federal authorities are noticing our whale of trouble: The West Coast goes to get a few brought habitat protections for Pacific Northwest orcas. These improved protections will with any luck prevent them from fucking dying all the time. The federal authorities plan to advocate improved protections with the aid of October.
El Camión in Ballard has to relocate: The taco store—which is frankly “simply k”—closed its doors for properly. Their authentic region across from Ballard High School become scooped up with the aid of developers to build a five-tale condo building. Don’t cry for El Camión, they already have a new vicinity in Ballard. This bitter sign changed into posted on their door: “The Overlords have determined Ballard wishes more residences and fewer tacos.” My favorite part of the original My Ballard article is that the simplest remark simply says, “fewer tacos.”
Seattle University graffiti being investigated as a hate crime: In overdue March, a person drew several human beings hanging from ropes in one of the college’s stairwells. Next to it became the phrase “Damn your peculiar fruit,” a reference to a poem written in 1937 in protest of racism and lynchings, it was completed by means of Billie Holiday. The university’s president condemned the graffiti. The Seattle Police Department is investigating.
The guy who threw a child off the 1/3 floor of Mall of America wanted to kill: He was rejected via the women inside the mall and turned into reportedly “looking for someone to kill.” So, he threw a 5-yr antique boy off the balcony. The suspect, Emmanuel Aranda, 24, has a report with two different assaults on the mall. The boy was thrown forty ft. He’s nonetheless alive but has damaged bones, head trauma, and is in severe circumstance.
As you’ve got heard through now, Notre Dame burned nowadays: The blaze turned into loopy. There’s a fuck ton (technical time period) of harm. The international is mourning. But! Look at this. The interior is not a hunk of rubble… but?