Apple buys AI voice startup that enables organizations build Alexa and Google Assistant apps

Apple has acquired a San Francisco-based totally artificial intelligence startup known as PullString, specializing in helping corporations build conversational voice apps and keeping a record from Axios. Pullstring turned into founded again in 2011 with the aid of former Pixar personnel — its CEO, Oren Jacob, is Pixar’s former leader-era officer. Up till now, PullString changed into maximum widely known within the tech industry as the software program backbone at the back of voice structures for famous toys, like Mattel’s speaking Hello Barbie doll.

It’s now not clear what Apple could be getting out of the deal, that’s stated to be well worth under $one hundred million, however properly over the $ forty-four million in venture capital investment PullString has accumulated thus far. But past toys, PullString has additionally worked at the agency end to assist agencies in constructing abilities and apps for Amazon’s Alexa platform and Google Assistant. In that sense, Apple can obtain PullString to help accelerate the growth of Siri-powered apps and functions, which is sorely missing compared to the tens of heaps of integrations, talents, and movements Amazon and Google offer.


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