3 money-management apps constructed for couples

We realize. There are all forms of reasons to avoid sharing all of your financial transactions with your partner — past nefarious ones. There are the gives you want to maintain as surprises. There are the questions you would need to avoid approximately this or that indulgence. There is likewise the overall independence you could need over your income.

For some of us, joint financial institution money owed will in no way enchantment; they’re hard to undo. Already, there may be some proof that millennials — who are getting married later — opt to have separate financial institution debts from their companions more than generations. But that’s only one greater cause we’ll need help handling our cash in pairs.

“Whether you like it or now not, cash will affect your courting lots,” says Sam Schultz, co-founder at Honey. “It’s a leading motive of divorce, and it’s considered one of the largest stressors on a courting.”

In fact, seventy-one percent of the 500 millennial couples surveyed by Honey said they sense careworn, beaten, worried, frustrated, and/or confused approximately saving for economic desires with their good-sized difference.

But there may be promising news for couples seeking to manage their cash together without having to share a bank account or credit card: It’s a rising location of interest amongst banks and fintech agencies. Over a couple of years, numerous built-for- apps have popped up to assist modern-day couples in collaborating on their finances — with or without getting a joint financial institution account. While some, like Namu, are nonetheless below improvement, others are equipped for download. Here’s the skinny on 3 of them.


A couple of years ago, Schultz saw a gap in the marketplace for economic tools built for 2. Sure, there were joint bills, but the idea couples needed something that didn’t require them to share an account to talk about their cash.

“We truly thought there was an opportunity to help people make choices and deal with their budget the way they virtually do it in actual existence,” Schultz says.

Honey, founded in 2016, pursuits to do just that: We could couple fast create family budgets, in addition, to get hold of indicators approximately upcoming bills and transactions. It additionally lets you touch upon each different’s transactions the way you may on Venmo.

As Schultz sees it, the app is another option for managing cash in dating without apprehension that a joint account may want to purpose by revealing all your transactions. “It’s uncomfortable feeling such as you’re being watched,” he says.

That’s additionally why Honey helps you to manage your percentage thru the app. You can proportion a number of your financial institution accounts, but now not all of them. You also can share your financial institution balance — and choose out of revealing your transactions. So a long way, Schultz says maximum app users are millennials who’re quite secure sharing most, however no longer all, of their money owed.


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