Zoo Knoxville invites public to recycle cellular telephones for ‘Gorillas on the Line’

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Zoo Knoxville is calling neighborhood corporations, community church companies, and other companies to participate in the “Gorillas on the Line, Answer the Call” mobile phone recycling project that runs through April 30. The zoo is participating with different zoos across North America within the campaign that uses cellular phone recycling to shop gorillas within the African wild.

There are three smooth steps to participate:


1. Answer the Call: Register right here together with your local 865-637-5331 ext. 1360). Steve will comply with up with contest information and gear to help your organization with the campaign.

2. Recycle those phones: Gather your group and acquire as many telephones for recycling as feasible, starting Feb. 1 – April 30. Then, ship your phones to Eco-Cell by way of the primary Friday in May (the 3rd). Eco-Cell will ship an unfastened transport label when the group registers; as soon as they are sent in, they will method the telephones and tabulate the totals. Contest winners are introduced the primary week of June, nationally. Winners in Zoo Knoxville’s place could be announced in mid-May.

3. Save the gorillas: Why recycled cellular telephone saves gorillas – Coltan is a mineral determined in phones and different small digital gadgets; it’s miles mined from areas where endangered gorillas stay and habitat. So, recycling antique cellular telephones facilitate lessening the demand for coltan and protect gorilla habitats in Africa. Zoo Knoxville needs Knoxville to symbolize as it participates inside the campaign with different zoos throughout our kingdom! Gorillas are on the road – a solution to the decision, give your old cell telephones and assist keep their habitats.


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