Your old cellular cellphone should dial up a lot-needed assistance

Half 1,000,000 blind and in part-sighted Canadians, like nearby artist Robyn Rennie, could experience the existence-changing capability of the mobile generation. From school to work to life inside the community, mainly designed accessibility apps might deliver these customers extraordinary ranges of statistics and independence. Imagine not being capable of reading labels when you’re shopping, or a restaurant menu while you’re eating out, or now not even being capable of recognizing the denomination of the payments in your pockets?

People with imaginative and prescient loss can now do this stuff with the assist of telephone accessibility apps. Navigating the streets becomes safer with apps that read avenue symptoms and offer turn-by-flip instructions. Unfortunately, many human beings with vision loss cannot find the money for smartphones. Still, you could put your antique telephone into the palms of individuals who need them by donating it to the CNIB’s Phone it Forwards software and gets a tax receipt, too, says Rennie.

Donating is easy. Please pick up a Phone It Forward envelope, follow the instructions interior, after which mail it, unfastened-of-fee, to the CNIB Foundation Ontario. They will refurbish your antique cellphone, install accessibility apps, and then trade the lifestyles of someone who is blind.


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