Twitter CEO offers himself a ‘C’ in ‘tech responsibility’

Twitter Inc leader government Jack Dorsey stated on Tuesday that Silicon Valley companies, including his personal, have now not executed enough to guard victims of online abuse, calling it a “huge failure.”
Interviewed via Twitter by Kara Swisher, co-founding father of the tech news website Recode, Dorsey tweeted that he could deliver himself a ‘C’ grade for what Swisher termed “tech responsibility.”

“We’ve made progress, but it’s been scattered and no longer felt sufficient,” he tweeted in response to Swisher’s questions. “Changing the experience hasn’t been meaningful sufficient. And we’ve positioned a maximum of the weight at the victims of abuse (it is a massive fail).

On the side of the online social media network Facebook, Twitter has faced criticism for abusive posts, faux users, and faulty information memories on its carrier. The agency has been investing heavily to improve what Dorsey has described as the “collective fitness” of Twitter. On Tuesday, Dorsey said he no longer likes how Twitter tendstivize outrage, brief-time period thinking, echo chambers, and fragmented conversations. The shortage of variety within the enterprise has no longer helped in fighting such troubles.


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