The Best OG Cell Phones of All Time

Ever get nostalgic for the coolest antique days of T9 texting, custom designed ringtones, and gambling Snake for hours on end because there’s nothing higher to do? Yeah, neither do we. FaceTime and Animojis have us in 3008, and there’s no manner we’re ever going again to our vintage faculty cell telephone technology.

But it’s miles a laugh to reminisce on the instances whilst having a mobile telephone turned into on the top of your pre-youngster agenda. Now, with a never-finishing technological revolution in complete swing, having a cell cellphone isn’t any biggie—simply ask the toddler with an iPhone X sitting at the table next to you in any restaurant.

Millennials had been surely the first generation to enjoy first-hand how the use of mobile phones may want to notably simplify your lifestyles. More importantly, we had been the primary era to peer simply how fast a cell telephone can become previous with the discharge of something sleeker, smaller, or with a touch screen.

But regardless of how previous the telephones of our young people are nowadays, the first-rate mobile phones of the 2000s will always preserve a unique area in our hearts. Here are the 10 exceptional cellular phones of our generation.
If a Motorola Razr gets flipped close inside the woods and no one is round to hear it, does it still make a legitimate? Arguably the maximum iconic turn cellphone of all time, the Razr turned into a pointy, compact cell smartphone that quickly has become a famous selection amongst center college girls and middle-aged mothers alike. Its narrow fit turned into the first of its type, and the metal colorwave changed into sufficient to make up for its bare-bones capability. If the Razr made a comeback, you could catch us in line for the nighttime drop.
If you had been a pre-teen among 2006 and 2010, there are fair odds that an LG enV became buzzing nonstop in your back pocket for a hot minute. An ideal starter smartphone for first-time users, the end became a chunky little mobile with the appearance of your run-of-the-mill mid-2000s cellular fashion. It flipped open horizontally to show a second screen and complete-sized keyboard, which made keeping up together with your 5 buddies who additionally had the LG enV tons less complicated. The simplest tough element about proudly owning this toddler becomes identifying which color to rock.


A tiny turn smartphone that became each slender and fun, the Samsung Juke was the original skinny legend. Though it was meant to double as an MP3 player, the Juke’s lengthy swivel display that flipped open and closed to cover the keyboard changed into sufficient leisure for all of us who owned one. The Juke was cute, but its typical small length and itty-bitty keyboard made it unrealistic for all people who didn’t have fingers similar to a toddler’s.
It can also have been focused closer to the working businessman, however, no phone with a keyboard click on that powerful might be stored from teenagers. Between the Pearl, Bold, and Storm fashions, the Blackberry franchise changed into the pinnacle canine of versatility and grew to become out new merchandise nonstop. The crossover among business and satisfaction made it the suitable all-in-in the future planner and supply of entertainment, and flexing in your friends with a mobile cellphone that made you seem like an mad toddler—and the added bonus of the Blackberry-exclusive Blackberry Messenger (BBM)—became a sense like no different.
Only youngsters who went into the pit at Saosin concerts will recollect this one. The T-Mobile Sidekick became an absolute sports changer while it becomes first released in 2002, featuring its signature swivel screen and internet gets admission to. Every variant of the Sidekick, from the Motorola Sidekick Slide to the very last Sidekick 4G that changed into introduced in 2011, turned into increasingly more cooler till full touchscreen telephones wedged out complete keyboard phones and made texting at a lightning pace even simpler.
It’s no secret that your OtterBox case is not anything compared to the skeleton of a Nokia 3310. Basically meant to continue to exist with the cockroaches while the Apocalypse hits, Nokia have been notoriously indestructible and normally used by certainly one of two humans: first-time cellular cellphone proprietors, and young adults who attempted the entirety of their electricity to get their dad and mom to replace their damaged telephone but alternatively were given stuck with a Nokia. Regardless, Nokia’s 3310 is an imperative blip in the records of cellular telephone-kind and the only right way to play Pong and Snake. Facts!