State gets Lokayukta’s rap over devices for college children

The kingdom Lokayukta Justice (retd) PK Misra has advocated an inquiry by the CBI into the irregularities in tendering procedure on the procurement of 47,000 capsules given to Class V and Class VI college students in 2013. The Lokayukta slammed the state authorities for keeping off an in-depth inquiry and now not submitting a movement taken a document or proposed to be taken in the rely.

A complaint became filed utilizing Dr. Aashish Kamat in September 2013, alleging that ITG accredited business bids for shopping forty-seven 000 capsules higher than the marketplace price, which precipitated a loss of Rs 12. Sixty-four crore, without following widespread economic guidelines and CVC hints. The ITG did now not even market it tenderly countrywide each day to ensure most participation and similarly manipulated pre-qualification criteria to favor sure providers.

It is pertinent to notice right here that the anti-corruption ombudsman had in advance encouraged for holding an inquiry as to whether or not there was cartel shaped regarding bidding process throughout the year 2013-14. But the anti-corruption bureau saved quiet for two years and became reluctant to bring out the problem to its logical conclusion. Hence it turned into recommended that the problem needs to be entrusted to an extra independent agency just like the CBI. The Lokayukta has submitted a special file to the Governor expressing his dissatisfaction over how the case has been investigated.

The Lokayukta went for numerous adjournments for receiving the movement taken document inside the case. But there has been no response from the able authority, who’s the Chief Secretary, to tell on the fame of the case. However, the director of education produced a file together with a replica of notes sheet and remarks of the Chief Minister. But the anti-graft frame refused to consider the report signed by the director of education because the movement is taken record which is supposed to be filed through the able authority, i.E—the Chief Secretary.

“By no stretch of creativeness a report signed via the director of training can be considered as an action taken a report or proposed to be taken the record as envisaged in Section 16(2) of the Act,” the unique file has stated. The Lokayukta discovered the report of the director of training misleading which changed into blatant twisting of the orders of the High Court, and which became challenged via numerous petitioners on tender situations favoring sure companies.

The director of schooling in the file, while relating to one of the writ petitions, commented that the petitioner withdrew the petition unconditionally as he realized that there was no substance within the allegations made. The training director’s record also sought additional time to decide on handing over the case to the CBI. But the Lokayukta rejected the record, which ignored the particular statement of the High Court that all the factors and contentions of the parties are expressly saved open.

The advice changed into made because the ACB did no longer entire the inquiry in a time-sure way, (and) as a result in the first instance a standing report can be sought from the ACB. Once the report is obtained a choice may be taken through the proper authority,” the director of training stated in the document.

On the call for a CBI probe into the difficulty, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, in his noting placed earlier than the Lokayukta, mentioned that investigation into prices of irregularities in tendering technique in procuring 47,000 pills cannot be handed over to the CBI when you consider that there’s no advantage within the recommendation for further inquiry into the manner of procurement via the third corporation and keep on reopening subjects settled and decided through the court docket.

Questioning the incapacity of the kingdom government in handing over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation, Justice Misra said that the national government is adamant that the problem ought not to be further inquired into at the pretext that comparable subjects have been disposed of with the aid of the High Court of Bombay at Goa. Whether or not there has been a cartel fashioned or no longer become by no means investigated both via the High Court or via the ACB. The kingdom authorities for motives high-quality recognized to itself, and maybe to keep away from skeletons falling out of cupboards does no longer want to investigate similarly into such thing,” unique document has said.


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