Sarasota County School Board to discuss cell phone ban

SARASOTA (WWSB) -Tuesday, The Sarasota County School Board may be discussing whether or not they assume mobile phones need to be banned all through college hours. Board member Bridget Ziegler started the conversation and stated she wished mobile telephones to be confined. The district’s current cellular smartphone coverage says that mobile phones will grow to become off and placed away at some stage in college hours. However, Ziegler stated it’s now not enforced in each study room.

She hopes through drafting a new policy; it’ll be clear to instructors and directors what the rule of thumb is and how to implement it. Ziegler believes there should be no cellular cellphone use during school hours, even for studying purposes. She said this might be better for each teacher and college student. And it’s now not just at some stage in elegance; it’s the tradition that it has kind of created. Especially with social media and them having to get the right of entry. I assume as a discerning as young kids and simply seeing that era, in reality trying to

Make certain that they recognize how to talk with one and different verbally all through lunchtime or passing period and now not just have their faces down,” Ziegler said. There may not be any selections made at Tuesday’s workshop approximately the coverage, but if the board consents on something, the drafting stages for a brand new policy might begin. Ziegler said a trade to the coverage could be made as soon as this faculty yr, but she does suppose it’d be pleasant to no longer put in force the exchange until the subsequent faculty year.


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