Robots as partners have become famous, right here are some tech controversies that made headlines

Gender bias

Sex toy firm Lora DiCarlo accused organizers of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of gender bias this 12 months. Founder Lora Haddock said that the lady-centered intercourse toy Ose Massage had gained a CES Robotics Innovation Award within the first round, but the show later withdrew it. She stated CES organizers had, first of all, referred to a disqualification rule for any device deemed “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or now not in keeping with CTA’s (Consumer Technology Association) picture,” but sooner or later said the device did now not healthy inside the robotics and drone category.

Spying sex toy

In 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed using an American lady towards the makers of the We-Vibe vibrator — a sex toy that is telephone-managed. The female alleged the organization becomes violating privacy using collecting intimate information approximately the users, together with the vibration settings and temperature of the device. The business enterprise reportedly agreed to pay $three—75 million to settle the match.

Love dolls brothel Last year, a Canadian intercourse-doll rental enterprise Kinky S Dolls proposed to open its first robotic intercourse brothel inside the US, starting with Houston. It would have been the organization’s first region within the US and its second basic, Canada, after Toronto. Under strain from protestors, the Houston City Council banned a planned shop within the town.

Under attack

In 2017, Spanish inventor Sergi Santos complained that his sexbot Samantha became molested with the aid of curious onlookers while he took it to a tech honest in Austria. While the sensible intercourse doll can reply while spoken to and reacts to being touched, Santos alleged that a few visitors on the event dealt with it “like barbarians,” leaving it with damaged arms and “closely dirty.”

Bug invasion

In the equal year, Hong Kong-based intercourse toy business enterprise Lovense’s remote manipulate vibrator app (Lovense Remote) turned into observed recording audio of use periods without user information. The organization apologized for the incident, blamed it on a “minor malicious program,” and promised that the trouble had been constant.


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