Protect your self with these protection gadgets for underneath $20

If you seek out the proper device to shield you from thieves, ABC13 Eyewitness News determined some appropriate gadgets below $20.

Pepper Gel

Instead of pepper spray, you should use pepper gel. Experts say that once the usage of spraying, many human beings have by chance sprayed themselves. The gel is goal-precise and can stick with the suspect’s face. Police say relying on the color of the gel could help them identify the attacker on the website.

Amazon has the gel to be had for $15.

Card Knife

Police say this can be a great option, but keep in mind the time you’ll want to deploy the small knife. The blade reportedly appears to be a suitable period in Texas. Also, be conscious which you have the weapon for your pocket if you go through airport security.

Amazon has the knife for $10.
Key-chain Alarm

The device is loud and can alert others which you want to assist. It can be found for $10 to 20 greenbacks and fits in your pocket.

Stun Gun

This small device can be effortlessly healthy in handbags and might give you sufficient time to plot your getaway. Several may be discovered for $20.


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