New Cell Phone Policy at TCHS

Board of Education President Tim Turner called the meeting to reserve following The Pledge of the Allegiance. Tucker County High School Principal Stephen Cosner turned into the present to replace the board on their newly derived cell phone policy, partly formulated by way of the Student Council and the group of workers. The students will be authorized to apply their cell telephones between class and at lunch, and study room policies might be determined with the aid of every instructor. Students who select no longer to abide by the brand new policy can be mentioned the office and it will be handled as both insubordination or misuse of generation. “The interesting part turned into seeing the youngsters work on this and seeing it surely wasn’t smooth and create something due to the fact anybody has an opinion”, stated Cosner. He additionally mentioned, after reviewing their scholar manual, he would love to broaden a committee including teachers, college students, and parents to make essential revisions because of updates and clarifications wanted since the closing guide.

Board member Cathy Hebb puzzled if this new coverage has been installed writing. Cosner stated it is not at this time however could be performed and included inside the student manual revisions, but the repercussions of insubordination and misuse of the era are in writing and understood. “The mobile telephones aren’t the most effective issue, there are numerous grey regions”, he stated in referring to the guide. Superintendent Alicia Lambert requested if the lecturers have been managing their study room protocol in a similar fashion, to which he said they too had a tough time coming to a consensus and are each adopting unique cellular smartphone guidelines consistent with lecture room.

Lambert expressed problem, “For students I recognize quite a few instances if the expectations aren’t the identical throughout the board, what they could escape within a single room they couldn’t get away with in another room, and then they don’t apprehend why this instructor didn’t punish them for it however this one did”. Cosner agreed and felt the revisions to the manual might deal with this. Cosner again agreed, however, feels there wishes to be extra consistency and more work on the coverage itself. “As a main, I even have a hassle dictating classroom policies to instructors”, Cosner said. Jessica Wamsley brought, “If you’re going to give the teachers the ability to write down their very own guidelines, as a team of workers you want to provide you with a set of non-negotiables, the matters we will not budge on”. Turner stated, “I guess my concern is if there’s no faculty policy, then you definitely pronouncing it’s a study room coverage by using teacher, then you definitely get substitutes in that work in a couple of positions, and that’s just absolutely puzzling”. The board as a whole requested a copy of the handbook be provided to them whilst the revisions have been made for their evaluation and input. Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School Principal Teresa Brusak stepped forth and asked a duplicate as properly announcing it’d help them to imitate TCHS manual to assist put together students for the high school as nicely.

Since the final meeting, TVEMS has been growing a proposal as to a way to spend the CSI money they will quickly be receiving. Turner asked Brusak how the committees were functioning and progressing since the final document, to which she responded, “The committees had been prepared, a number of them did not meet, like whilst I turned into out ill a number of them did not meet though I’m not positive why. And of direction snow days and such cause them to no longer meet, however they’ve been meeting and on every occasion a committee meets they have got a frontrunner and a secretary and the secretary is meant to put out the mins within per week to the relaxation of the personnel so they recognize what’s occurring in the one’s committees and so as to proportion input with matters they suppose need to be taking place”. Brusak additionally continues copies of the minutes so she will song their progress. Turner admitted with the latest climate and school closures it has produced assembly problems, however, wanted to grasp how Brusak feels approximately their development towards efficient dreams. “Some are more potent than others, some we need to get them some more I guess perhaps professional development or education on what our expectations are”, she answered. She gave a few examples to the board as to how she feels she can help with these organizations on doing so, inclusive of in their mins, not simplest listing their intentions but who is going to hold those out. Turner requested the community involvement committee; however, Brusak hasn’t received any notes as of the meeting. Vice Principal Kelly Thompson spoke up announcing there may be a kindness week application scheduled for the imminent week that falls below the network involvement focal area.

Hebb added up the truth that Brusak is reporting at each board assembly due to the reality TVEMS is categorized as a focal point school. She stated she understands this, but our colleges have a number of the identical problems and a whole lot of good things going for them as nicely, consequently requests the three principals attend the primary assembly of every month to proportion a number of their struggles, regions of recognition, at the side of what goes nicely for their faculties. This is something Lambert could be attaining out to the opposite faculties about operating into the time table. Turner again became to Brusak and requested, “What occurred outstanding at your college final week?” Brusak proudly introduced a plan has been developed for a scholar who has been having severe problems within the classroom. The team of workers, baby, and guardians have contributed to this plan they experience will assist him to succeed and became noted as seeming happy with the plan for the remainder of the yr.


Under discussion objects, dates were selected for the imminent superintendent’s assessment with an intention of entirety through March 1. The emergency closing of colleges protocol become reviewed and discussed how the geography of the county produces specific challenges in having set requirements, and it changed into decided to go away the policy as is and to apply right judgment.

For new business, the January 22 mins, the price of bills, and out of nation journey/discipline experience requests were all accepted. Turner then read a decision regarding the Omnibus Education Bill (SB 451) that stated: Therefore, be it resolved that the Tucker County Board of Education opposes any and all efforts to use public finances to schooling reform or make any adjustments that don’t result in better student fulfillment for the most deprived students; and be it further resolved that taxation and coverage selections which bring about decreased sales for public schooling and/or have a bad effect on our college students and households should be prevented. Turner made the movement to undertake the decision accompanied by means of Hebb.