MWC 2019: Microsoft to roll out HoloLens 2 on February 24

Microsoft has teased the release of HoloLens 2 through a video. The Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset is ready to be released on February 24 through the Mobile World Conference (MWC). Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s Technical Fellow for AI Perception and Mixed Reality in the Cloud, uploaded the teaser video on YouTube and afterward Twitter revealing the date for the tool that looks like a processor and some carbon fiber material. Kipman uploaded the video tweeting, “2.24.19 #MWC19 – are you excited? I understand I am.

The organization has been running on HoloLens 2 for years, considering the primary-era HoloLens changed into launched for developers in March 2016. The organization had stated returned in July 2017 that the next technology, HoloLens, might have AI abilities. As of now, not a lot is understood about the following HoloLens’s specifications, however searching at the video, it looks as if the second technology WMR headset, codenamed ‘Sydney,’ would be constructed out of carbon fiber.

When Microsoft announced approximately the AI abilities in HoloLens 2, it stated that the chip would enhance mobile processing speed as there would now not be a want to add records to the cloud. To attain this, Microsoft would be using the cutting-edge generation Kinect sensor inside the headset. The headset is also rumored to be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 based on the cellular compute platform.

HoloLens 2 is likewise said to be less expensive and smaller compared to its predecessor, which would help Microsoft push Augmented Reality ahead. The first technology, HoloLens, price the developers a whopping $three 000. The press event is scheduled to be held on February 24 and might be attended by CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Vice President Julia White alongside Kipman.


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