Microsoft’s pinnacle attorney met with Pope Francis to speak about the ethics of synthetic intelligence

Microsoft President Brad Smith met Pope Francis on Wednesday to discuss the moral use of synthetic intelligence and approaches to bridge the virtual divide among rich and negative international locations, the Vatican said. The head of the global tech massive and the 81-yr-old Roman Catholic leader, who once said he is a “catastrophe” when it comes to era, spoke for about 30 minutes inside the pontiff’s residence.

According to a declaration, the pair discussed “synthetic intelligence on the carrier of the not unusual right and activities geared toward bridging the virtual divide that also persists at the worldwide level,” according to a declaration. Smith, 60, instructed the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano in an interview that “robust ethical and new, developed legal guidelines” were needed so that technological advances including synthetic intelligence do not fall into the incorrect hands. The Vatican said its Academy for Life could at the same time sponsor a prize with Microsoft for the fine doctoral dissertation in 2019 on the subject of “synthetic intelligence at the provider of human existence.”


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