Microsoft Reveals Windows 7 Exponential New Charges

ZDNet reports that, despite its huge recognition, Microsoft has no plans to extend the aid of Windows 7 beyond January 2020. That is unless you pay a brand new annual rate which will double in fee each year. Citing companions and having obtained screen grabs of pricing, ZDNet well-known shows Microsoft will charge Windows 7 Pro customers $50 for the primary yr of the extra guide, $100 for the second one 12 months, and $2 hundred for the 1/3 yr. Windows Enterprise quantity licensing customers can pay half of those charges, but the fee for keeping many PCs will get very expensive in no time.

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Furthermore, there’s no factor in opting in late. If you handiest be a part of within the 2nd year, you still need to pay for the primary year properly. Ouch. There are a few in addition pain here too as everyday consumers haven’t an option to be part of, their computers will absolutely be cut off from updates in January 2020. So at the same time, as one greater year for $50 can also have appeared tempting, it gained’t be to be had to you. And Microsoft recently improved the fee of Windows 10 Home from $119 to $139 as well.

Windows 7 will be 10 years antique this 12 months in defense of Microsoft, and the enterprise has to attract a line somewhere. If Microsoft needs clients to upgrade willingly to Windows 10 without the risk of steeply-priced consequences, then the corporation first desires to reduce out the numerous extreme troubles that can make this pass so unappealing to Windows 7 users. Within the first region…


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