Microsoft is just too big to depend upon a single cloud company

It has been a totally tough month for Microsoft. Just over thirty days into the brand new 12 months and Microsoft has dropped the ball. Better yet, the ball has rolled into the road, ran over, and left to the wayside. In only a single month, we’ve seen mistakes in almost every element of the organization’s technological empire.

Let’s be truthful, as a predominantly Xbox user; I’m no stranger to experiencing Microsoft’s issues. While not best, we can forgive a simple problem here and there. However, 2019-therefore-a way hasn’t seen only a simple hassle; Microsoft hasn’t let us down in just one place; they’ve allowed us to down in every area.

As the editor of MSPoweruser’s gaming phase, it’s scarce that I ever must get concerned in trouble, including this. Unlike anyone else on the site, I live delegated to the world of gaming. A well-known paintings day in my lifestyle revolves around four things: emails, the workgroup chat, MSPoweruser itself, and anything gaming platform I’m reviewing something on time. This month, the most effective one of these things has been continued to be had to me, and it’s the only one that Microsoft doesn’t run.

Just final week, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 have each suffered from main carrier outages worldwide. As Gaming Editor, my task is largely split among emailing and writing—these are critical elements of my job. For emails, I spent most of the time speaking to PR, reaching out for statements, inquiring for review devices for the whole thing from Ace Combat 7 to the Razer Nari Ultimate, and more. When your task revolves around ensuring your emails are sent, received, and answered to, it’s no longer precisely fantastic whilst the service you operate gained’t allow you to register.

Another crucial part of our workflow as a whole here at MSPoweruser changed into Microsoft Teams. As a worldwide corporation, Teams are a way for us all to communicate. Much like Slack, it’s a simplistic, organization-based, totally institution chat carrier that lets us all efficaciously talk from all around the globe. It’s a provider, just like Outlook, that our entire employer is predicated on to work as well as we can, and for the past month, it hasn’t worked for 60% of our personnel.

Sign-in problems and loading troubles have plagued us before whilst the use of Microsoft Teams. However, Microsoft’s 2019 missteps have seen that part of their territory has fallen flat on its face for the past month. As a whole, we’ve been signed out, no longer had messages load, trapped in countless login loops, the complete shebang. Many people had been within the darkish, not getting notifications while we were contacted to do paintings. When your whole software revolves around ease of conversation, you have to make certain your customers can speak probably.

The third and worst mistake Microsoft has made this month is in the entire screw-up of its Xbox One platform. For those out of doors of the gaming sphere, January 2019 has been one of the most disturbing months we’ve ever seen. Ace Combat 7, Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts 3—three large AAA video games have been released, and we’ve performed all of them on Xbox One X. Only of those have been reviewed on the side, with the remaining game at the listing being rendered unplayable due to Microsoft’s meddling.

Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t a sport we were given an evaluation code for. In reality, even as our overview can be later than predicted, I, for my part, paid for the sport so that we should nonetheless get a evaluation out sometime this month. However, on January thirtieth, Xbox Live noticed huge outages and a weird black display screen problem that made Xbox Ones everywhere unusable. Imagine if that happened to something as essential as Windows.

As the business enterprise tried to push an update to the Xbox provider, any console connected to the internet upon begin-up would be subject to a black screen. You couldn’t get the right of entry to the sidebar; you couldn’t get on your settings. The best part of the UI that also labored turned into the potential to turn off your console. As a reviewer trying to get as many hours into an already-released AAA title, now not being able to see something on my console isn’t best. For consumers, who may not have everywhere near as a whole lot of time to play their video games as I do, that is even worse.


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