Sell your antique telephones, laptops for coins on Cashify

Get rid of your old telephones and laptops… There is the right information for Luddites not willing to promote their clever gadgets on the online structures like — Amazon or Flipkart as Cashify has been in town with non — digital installation on the foremost transits metro stations. Now you can promote them in kiosks named Cashify with tiled “Phone does Cash lo.” These kiosks are an installation at Rajiv Chowk, Saket, Central Secretariat, and Laxmi Nagar. The idea is mainly for the gadgets which aren’t too old but have been discarded and having a change in fee. With the best circumstance that your telephone/pc needs to be in a jogging situation, the CASHIFY will purchase your vintage clever device and pay you the right money in return.

Image result for coins on Cashify

According to the CASHIFY promoter at Central Secretariat, the vendor has to come with an original identification card to sell their smart device. “Our Kiosks are for people who aren’t willing to sell/buy online. We have tied up with authorities and promote these devices, further preserving government in the loop; for safe enterprise, we accumulate the copy of original ID from the vendor,” stated Lekhram, a promoter. So, now your vintage telephones/ capsules and laptops should not occupy space in a drawer and collecting dust!!


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