Is this a wind-up? Planet Computers boss calls time on ZX Spectrum reboot firm

Retro Computers Ltd, which absorbed £513,000 of backers’ cash to produce ZX Spectrum-themed recreation consoles it then failed to deliver, has been wound up – via Private Planet. RCL, whose fortunes had been chronicled on El Reg, became wound up on 1 February 2019 with the aid of Private Planet Ltd. That company’s sole director is Janko Music-Flogel, whose different business enterprise.

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PZlanet Computers Ltd produced the Gemini PDA and introduced the 2nd machine in November 2018, the Cosmo Communicator. Music-Flogel is likewise a former director of RCL. He resigned from RCL in August ultimate year, before one of the many legal hearings that culminated in his being ordered to pay £38,000 in criminal prices to 2 of RCL’s founders. Music-Flogel had to stump up together with RCL’s different then-directors: chairman David Levy and MD Suzanne Martin, in addition to the corporation itself. Private Planet’s winding-up petition changed into first filed on 30 November 2018. To acquire a winding-up order, a creditor must be owed at least £750 by an organization.


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