How To Make A Killer PowerPoint Networking Presentation

The spotlight could be on you. When you be part of a business affiliation, at some point you may get the opportunity to be in front of a collection and educate them on what you do. In certain networking businesses – and in positive new commercial enterprise conditions – this indicates you may stand in the highlight and showcase your business for 5 to 10 mins.

People will attend you and your message for that amount of time. After hearing your presentation, they should have a crystal-clear idea of who you’re, what you do, who you do it for and the way they let you discover new prospects.

“Sadly, many potential referral assets will go away shows careworn, afflicted and bewildered due to the fact the message became now not clear,” says networking professional and writer Laura A Bruno. “The presenter did no longer articulate properly what he or she does and who their perfect consumer is. With those vital components missing, the presenter isn’t teaching his or her potential referral sources and can even be growing negative credibility.”

Bruno, the author of the e-book The Blue Circles (we met once I helped her edit the ebook), is a teacher, speaker, consultant, and proprietor of SBL Consulting. She is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Motivational Analyst (CPMA), because of this she has spent loads of time and money getting certified in DISC, the “how we show up inside the global” and in Motivators, the “why we do what we do.”

Bruno says most of the people make five not unusual errors during their networking presentation:

She believes an extraordinary 10-slide PowerPoint presentation may be the important thing for turning relationships into fulfillment.

“When I changed into an income instructor in corporate America, I found out you have to use 3 strategies when delivering education: visual, auditory and kinesthetic,” says Bruno. “That’s why in my workshops, I use a visible useful resource, that is my PowerPoint presentation, I talk, and I use a handout wherein the attendees fill inside the blanks and take notes.”

Prior to venturing out on her very own, Bruno labored for Pacific Bell, which she says is now AT&T (again), for 21 years in income/advertising and HR. She has labored with hundreds of people and has been a success in supporting enterprise specialists growth and double their revenues and referrals.

Here is how she recommends you construct your slide deck.

“I notion, ‘If I’m going to train my salesforce – folks that are going to exit there and send me referrals – they need to realize a bit about me,’” says Bruno. “That’s why my first slide is an image montage about my lifestyles: my own family, golfing, soccer, and Disneyland. The reason is to discover what we’ve in the commonplace. This slide most effective takes a minute or so.”


During the subsequent nine minutes and nine slides, she specializes in her business, whom she desires to attract and what makes her different.

“Many of my customers use my 10-slide PowerPoint approach at networking companies which include ProVisors, BNI, Team Referral Network, Rotary, Le-Tip and other groups that provide participants the spotlight to train their contributors,” says Bruno. “You may also use this tool in private shows inclusive of when you’re assembly one-on-one with a strategic associate.”

Two greater crucial pointers: Remember to memorize your beginning and ultimate statements, and don’t neglect to thank people for his or her time and interest.

“When you have a nicely-crafted 10-slide PowerPoint schooling presentation, you may without difficulty educate people the way to refer your ideal customer to you,” says Bruno. “There are many opportunities to apply this presentation, but, regrettably, the general public doesn’t even understand this tactic even exists. It will remodel your enterprise.”