How To Make A Killer PowerPoint Networking Presentation

The spotlight might be on you. When you be a part of a business affiliation, at some point, you may get the opportunity to be in front of a collection and educate them on what you do. In certain networking agencies – and certain new commercial enterprise conditions – this indicates you can stand within the spotlight and exhibit your enterprise for 5 to ten mins. People will be cognizance of you and your message for that amount of time. After hearing your presentation, they have to have a crystal-clear concept of who you’re

, Sadly, many ability referral resources will leave displays pressured, afflicted, and bewildered due to the fact the message was now not clean,” says networking professional and creator Laura A Bruno. “The presenter did no longer articulate well what they do and who their ideal customer is. What you do, who you do it for and how they let you discover new possibilities. With those important components lacking, the presenter isn’t educating their capacity referral resources and can even be growing terrible credibility.

Bruno, the author of the e-book The Blue Circles (we met when I helped her edit the ebook), is a teacher, speaker, representative, and owner of SBL Consulting. She is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Motivational Analyst (CPMA), this means that she has spent a variety of time and money getting certified in DISC, the “how we display up within the global” and in Motivators, the “why we do what we do.

Bruno says the majority make 5 not unusual errors at some stage in their networking presentation:
  • They don’t use visible aids.
  • They wing it.
  • They do not articulate properly what they do.
  • They don’t perceive their best consumer.
  • They try and “sell” the target audience.

She believes a brilliant 10-slide PowerPoint presentation may be the important thing for turning relationships into achievement. When I turned into an income instructor in corporate America, I found out you need to use 3 processes whilst turning in training: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic,” says Bruno. “That’s why in my workshops, I use a visible resource, that is my PowerPoint presentation, I communicate, and I use a handout in which the attendees fill in the blanks and take notes. Before venturing out on her personal, Bruno worked for Pacific Bell, which she says is now AT&T (again), for 21 years in sales/advertising and HR. She has worked with lots of humans and has been successful in helping business experts grow and double their revenues and referrals.

Here is how she recommends you build your slide deck.

“I notion, ‘If I’m going to teach my salesforce – folks that are going to exit there and send me referrals – they want to recognize a touch approximately me,’” says Bruno. “That’s why my first slide is a photo montage about my existence: my family, golf, football, and Disneyland. The purpose is to find out what we’ve in common. This slide most effective takes a minute or so. During the subsequent nine minutes and 9 slides, she focuses on her commercial enterprise, whom she wants to appeal to, and what makes her one of a kind.

Many of my customers use my 10-slide PowerPoint method at networking companies together with ProVisors, BNI, Team Referral Network, Rotary, Le-Tip, and different organizations that deliver individuals the spotlight to educate their individuals,” says Bruno. “You could also use this tool in private presentations consisting of while you’re meeting one-on-one with a strategic partner.

Two greater crucial recommendations: Remember to memorize your opening and ultimate statements, and don’t overlook to thank humans for their time and attention. When you have got a nicely-crafted 10-slide PowerPoint schooling presentation, you’ll without problems train human beings the way to refer your ideal purchaser to you,” says Bruno. “There are many possibilities to apply this presentation, but, alas, most people don’t even recognize this tactic exists. It will rework your enterprise.


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