How to Complete Surveys Without Doing Them?

While browsing over the web, various websites ask you to fill the form for completing the survey as it appears many times. The majority of the sites want their users to fill the survey form to earn some smart money, as the surveys are irrelevant. It is a type of marketing method through which people need to fill the survey forms, and it will maximize the site’s revenue.


On the other hand, people never want to share their personal information on unnecessary surveys that are not in their favor. The surveys belong to some unknown sites, and they are not interested in sharing some details with such platforms. When you finish the survey, then you are only able to access some of the sites. Thus, we have a solution for people who want to leak out their details on such sites.

Here, we develop some methods through which one will know how to complete surveys that check without doing them. Let us have a look at these below.

A few words about online surveys

In simple words, most of the sites conduct these surveys to know about the user and what they think of the available products for promotional purposes. But the underlying motive behind these surveys is to garner personal information. The site will showcase a survey in front of the user, and the person needs to complete the same due to access the files or data available on the site.

But, in most cases, even after filling out all the required information on the survey form, some people will not get access to the desired data. But you may fill in some personal details like contact number and email ID, and the sites can misuse the same. Your details act as a revenue method for such sites, and it is the fastest and the easiest method of generating good revenue. Now, let us move forward to know how to complete surveys without doing them. Let us take a peek at these below.

Skip survey online

Another option available on Mozilla Firefox helps you ignore all these surveys on different sites. Even though it will not block all sorts of surveys, it still works well on some. This add-on is helpful if you want to get an alternative on how to complete surveys without doing them Firefox. The add-on is available in Mozilla Firefox and not anywhere else like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

It is easy to install this ad-on on your phone and begin using it by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go for “Options” as available on the top tab of the browser.
  2. Choose add-ons and search for the “No-Script Add-on.”
  3. After that, add NoScript Security Suite to Firefox.
  4. Now, you can see that NoScript Add-on has been added to the browser, and it is useful to block approximately all sorts of surveys and scripts on most sites.

You can go for Chrome Extension to weed out pop-ups Overlay Chrome Extension 2 as well as Chrome Extension 1.

Through a website

If you seek a website that gives you a chance to complete surveys without doing them, then is the best option available. It is easy for you to easily skip and avoid surveys on several sites through this platform. It has rigorous codes for script blocking that is helpful to avoid unwanted online surveys.

Here, we have some steps with the help of which you can use this site and ignore all these annoying surveys.

  1. Open the website on another tab that includes a link to the site, asking for some online surveys.
  2. Copy the site’s URL link, ask for online surveys, and paste it in the search tab on the site.
  3. After adding the link, tap on the “Go” button, and it directs you to the main site and the content you want to reach.

These are some easy-to-use steps, and you can also go for, an alternative for how to complete paid surveys without doing them. These are blocking or removing sites that are similar to the site

Bypass survey through the inspect element.

Inspect elements are another way to avoid using online surveys. We have some steps given below that help avoid annoying surveys and skip the unwanted portions of the website. Let us have a look at these below.

  1. You can access the Inspect element option from any browser, whether Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  2. Right-tap on the survey form and choose the option “Inspect Element” from the dropdown menu.
  3. After that, you can see some developing windows, which show different elements of the website.
  4. Under these elements, go for words like “survey” and “overlay.” These elements stop you from accessing the site or download the content that you want.
  5. Right-click on all such elements to turn it off and choose the option “disable element,” Sometimes, it may be “Delete node” to remove all surveys from the site and unnecessary items.

These are some of the steps you need to follow to complete generator surveys without doing them.

All the above methods are genuine alternatives, and there is no such hard and fast rule to use these only. You have another option available that enables you to generate some fake details and fill it on the survey form they ask for. You can easily hand out all such details to complete the survey forms and keep a hold of the content you want.


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