How Amazon poses a massive query for the e-trade industry

India has framed stricter policies for foreign online dealers. But it’s now not as though the likes of Amazon aren’t attracting questions someplace else. US President Donald Trump’s frequent outbursts in opposition to the Jeff Bezos-owned online retail massive can be prompted utilizing the latter’s ownership of a newspaper. But considerate critics of Amazon’s business practices have additionally discovered regions in America’s national

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Communique. The high instance is a paper by Yale University regulation scholar Lina Khan inside the Yale Law Journal. Amazon has become much stuff — a marketing platform, a shipping and logistics network, a charging provider, a credit score lender, an auction house, a first-rate e-book publisher, a manufacturer of TV programs and films, a style dressmaker, a hardware producer, and a leading company of cloud server area and computing power That meant many of Amazon’s opponents also are its customers and for this reason rely upon it


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