Holding a mobile phone while driving may want to quickly turn out to be illegal

OTTUMWA, Iowa — Texting and driving may be very dangerous and in a few instances even fatal.

To assist with the difficulty, the Iowa legislature is considering a bill to completely ban cell cellphone use while using.

This choice comes after the implementation of stricter texting and driving law.

KTVO desired to realize if this bill could be beneficial. We asked Ottumwa’s police branch and this becomes their responsibility.

“Absolutely. Anything that takes your fingers off the wheel of your eyes off the road is a distraction. So, anything that might take away those distractions makes the roads more secure, it’s more secure for all of us obtainable,” said Ottumwa Police Sgt. Aaron Vose.
Sgt. Vose added that the ultimate focused on the street is beneficial for every person.