From Cookies to Computers

Many younger Girl Scouts may additionally wonder why they are endorsed to sell cookies to complete strangers, outdoor the apparent goal of elevating money for the program. Well, San Marino resident Roberta Gunderson may have some other solution.

“I cherished promoting them,” said Gunderson, who said she often sold the best variety of boxes in her troop. “I needed to be willing to go to doorways where I didn’t recognize who changed into behind them. I found out that going to the numerous big condo buildings that had many character flats interior were given me to extra capacity sales.”

Gunderson grew up in Glendale and her troop becomes associated with R.D. White Elementary School. She can’t quite keep in mind the troop wide variety but stated the accompanying picture become taken round 1950-51.
“Selling Girl Scout cookies helped me gift myself in lots of methods and I consider that experience led me to a ramification of activities as much as and consisting of the San Marino Schools Foundation.”

Gunderson changed into at the ground of the Schools Foundation, which helps the San Marino Unified School District to the track of about $2 million consistent with the year.
Gunderson, a final month at an assembly of the Rotary Club of San Marino. The longtime San Marino resident stated she believes her enjoy selling Girl Scout cookies as teens caused her lifetime of volunteerism.

“We have sons who attended school in San Marino,” Gunderson stated. “Our eldest graduated in 1988 and our younger in 1992. I became very involved with volunteering within the district and my friendship with Barbara Bice is going way returned to those days.”

A pc whiz, Gunderson changed into requested via then-Superintendent Dr. Dave Brown to assist with computer education. She taught dad and mom the fledgling skill and donated her profits back to the district to help with…shopping new computers!

Brown so fashionable Gunderson’s paintings that he positioned her in charge of enjoyment for the first-day application for instructors.


“Paulette Chapman, Diana Jehue and I wrote and executed a rap tune, which became new at the time,” Gunderson remembers. “We accomplished inside the Webb Theatre on the excessive school and it becomes very well acquired. I don’t recall all of the phrases, but it began out ‘Dr. David E. Brown pinnacle guy on the town, Is renown for putting down first-class colleges round, Boom, chicha, increase, chicken, increase chicken growth!’”

Another memory left a specific impact.

“I was asked to visit a fellow volunteer’s house to replace the Schools Foundation’s computer for donation receipts,” Gunderson recalled. “I turned into to stroll into the side door, her husband could have left the door unlocked. I changed into to certainly open the door and go in. In brief, her husband forgot to leave the door unlocked. I innocently opened the door, planning to move in and the whole of my work. Instead, the residence alarm blasted and I was frozen as to what to do. The police confirmed up. One of them had his gun trained on me. It all labored out after a bit, however, I will say this changed into not a pleasing event.”

But apart from that little glitch, Gunderson—who nowadays volunteers for the Rotary Club of San Marino—fondly recollects her days with the Schools Foundation.

“I got involved with the Schools Foundation whilst it became being installation due to the fact I changed into asked to,” she stated. And because the SMUSD needed the cash.”