From cellular smartphone to cellular without phones

No one must wonder that the increasing recognition of social media has even impacted crime by creating a brand new genre known as ‘performance crime,’ or ‘if you’ve performed it, flaunt it’ — a twenty-first-century take at the old braggart’s motto. But it’s miles commendable that police and other corporations have caught on and use the criminals’ urge to show off on social media to nab them.

The case this week of an absconding felon from Uttar Pradesh named Haji Saeed was being tracked down and arrested in Meerut because he couldn’t face up to posting a photo of himself on a yak at Kufri close to Shimla on social media demonstrates the pitfalls of era-on-tap. Indeed, the facts individuals willingly upload on social media — privateness issues notwithstanding — have proved to be a bonanza for criminals and crime opponents alike. Those dinky smartphone cameras have been the downfall of many criminals; however, there are usually greater who succumb to their temptations.

Tons to the relaxation of law enforcement departments. Clearly, nobody has told social media-obsessed criminals about the variety of lawbreakers who’re being apprehended these days internationally due to their compulsion to publicize their exploits. The query of whether a few thousand ‘likes’ and perspectives thanks to cellphone cameras will catch up on lots of hours in a cellular without a telephone is moot.


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