Floyd County Council searching at shopping for computer systems for participants

We had all heard the nightmares — extra than 70 million human beings had personal statistics compromised when Target was hacked, and 76 million JP Morgan Chase clients were affected the identical manner.

Adam Roberts does not want to look at Floyd County statistics wind up inside the wrong hands.

That is why Roberts, the council consultant from District 2, pushes to have the seven Floyd County Council contributors and the three county commissioners be issued computer systems for all county-related work. The computers might be owned and maintained through the county. They could be strictly used for county business. No non-public emails or business could be allowed at the computers.

With all that we have visible in the non-public zone, with the breaches, we want to be as safe as we can on the subject of taxpayer and county statistics,” he said. “They could be a county-owned asset. Council President Denise Konkle stated the concept would be similarly discussed at a joint meeting among the commissioners and council at five p.M. Tuesday. She said the laptops or iPads would cost around $800 each. There are a couple of motives … We want to keep personal information break free the county. A lot of humans are the usage of personal computer systems. We think that could be a hazard,” Konkle said. “This could offer lots extra protection.

She stated the commissioners seem to be on board with the idea.

Commissioner John Schellenberger stated more dialogue is wanted, so every person is at the identical web page as to what is wanted. He stated a SharePoint program, where documents would be located at the county server and available to all individuals, can also be discussed to reduce lower back on paper use.

We are seeking to figure out what they’re trying,” Schnellenberger said.

He said there are worries with council individuals about the usage of private computers. He said there are risks of a virulent disease. If touchy information is downloaded on a private laptop and the county issued, individuals can be forced to turn in conversation devices in which that report seems.

He said the commissioners “fully apprehend” what they want.
  • Konkle said she thinks the commissioners will be on board with the concept.
  • They see a need for it as well,” she said. “I am quite confident we can make it manifest.”
  • Roberts said it’s essential to get the laptops, adding it is something that should be executed “earlier than now.”

“People who use public computer systems to do county commercial enterprise, that is trouble. Other people have got admission to the ones, and that could be a liability and hazard. We need to transport far away from no widespread to a trendy,” he said.

Roberts also stated the county’s firewall might be reviewed and upgraded if vital.

“We need to test it and make sure it is safe and comfortable,” he said. “We want to study our firewall and community and notice how people are the use of and sending records, and make certain we’ve protections in place. Both Konkle and Roberts said they would like to peer the county council becomes pape; that’shat’s some other motive the laptops are wished.

He said files need now not need to be revealed out for participants at meetings. It’s a waste of paper,” Roberts stated. “We get [agendas, other documents] emailed to us on Friday. We should look at it over the weekend and paintings on it. Konkle said the hope is to get individuals “into the IT which they want to be. We simply would love to move paperless and get human beings to begin using computers,” she stated.


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