Fast and Curious networking session

Fast and Curious networking consultation: Sunday thirty-first March 2018, 16.Forty-five – 17.Forty-five – Exhibition Area, STCC It’s back, Fast and Curious, the networking session on Sunday is lower back for some other version, sixteen.45 – 17.45, Swiss Tech Convention Centre. 10 tables, 10 topics, 10 moderators, and 10 mins to speak about what’s taking place in the world of radio. If you’ve got in no way attended Radiodays Europe and are looking to meet human beings, that are the consultation for you.

Back in its traditional spot at Radiodays Europe Lausanne, this offers the ones of you who desire to begin your RDE early all through a Sunday consultation that is continually a laugh – if a touch was chaotic. Once more, the Fast and Curious consultation might be held within the exhibition area, so before you be part of it, you may browse a number of the splendid and interesting exhibitors stands!

But how does Fast and Curious paintings? There are 10 tables with 10 moderators, and each moderator has a query. Each participant can be requested to enroll in a desk (there are restrained areas). The groups have 10 minutes to talk about the query, as laid out with the aid of the moderator. The conversations are free-flowing, although guided by the moderator – no idea is an awful concept! After the ten-minute discussion, all and sundry moves to every other table and does the whole thing again! All the delegates who attend will get the risk to enroll in five or six tables. The whole event takes one hour.


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