DTA opens networking and cabling services classes in Hardware Marketplace

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has opened two new categories on its Hardware Marketplace, particularly community device and community cabling services. The categories will act as a platform for authorities that bought cabling products and services like wireless routers, community switches, and firewalls. The launch follows a request for soft that ran from October to November. The DTA first sought comment for the 2 categories in July, especially at the draft requirement statements.

The DTA opened the Hardware Marketplace in September, taking off with employer storage as its first category. The market objectives to resolve the problem of smaller suppliers being barred from supply panels via doing away with the bounds at the range of providers. It replaced some of expired ICT procurement panels upon release and could iteratively add greater classes moving ahead.

The number of providers within the marketplace is now at 45, up from the unique 36 at launch. Suppliers on the panel consist of Data#3, Datacom, Cirrus Communications, Thomas Duryea Logicalis, and more. Check out the full list right here. The DTA said it’d launch a request for tender for an upcoming category, End User Devices and Enterprise Computing, within the coming weeks, where authorities businesses should purchase laptops, computers, and monitors. The following categories to be launched for comments will be cowl tablets, audiovisual, cellular phones, and cellular carriage. DTA expects to launch the draft requirements thru AusTender later this month


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