Data Localisation, E-Commerce Not Discussed at US-India Summit: US Envoy

Data localization, e-commerce legislation and the generalized device of choices (GSP) have been not expressly mentioned for the duration of talks between the US and India, US Ambassador Kenneth Juster said on Thursday.

The US has threatened to put off tariff exemptions referred to as GSP, after India’s creation of legislation on e-trade and facts storage policies have been seen as hurting US firms, Reuters mentioned closing week.

The cause for the latest downturn in exchange ties became India’s new rules on e-commerce that restriction the way Amazon.Com and Walmart-subsidized Flipkart do business in a rapidly developing online marketplace set to touch $200 billion (kind of Rs. 14 lakh crores) by 2027.

What You Need to Know About India’s New FDI Rules for E-Commerce

That, approaching pinnacle of a pressure to force global card payments businesses together with Mastercard and Visa to move their records to India and the imposition of better price lists on electronic products and smartphones, left a broader change package deal the 2 sides have been running on through the last yr in tatters.

New Indian guidelines introduced in December for the e-commerce region banned companies such as Amazon and Flipkart from placing exclusive deals with dealers, confined their ability to offer discounts and barred them from selling merchandise via vendors wherein they have an fairness hobby.

The move disrupted product listings on Amazon’s India website and compelled it to alternate its business systems. Amazon and Walmart, in addition to america authorities, had lobbied against the circulating, Reuters suggested earlier.

The new rules, coming in advance of a well-known election, had been seen as a bid via PM Modi to placate small buyers, who had for years complained about commercial enterprise practices of large e-trade gamers.


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