Clicker software program modifications once more, coming this summer season

Lecture halls will see a well-sized alternate in how professors interact with their students and measure attendance in the imminent semester. Starting in the summer, the University of Iowa will absolutely transition to Top Hat, a scholar-reaction software device known as “clickers” that lets college students engage with their professors in lectures on the contact of a button on their cell phone laptop or a different device.

Clickers allow professors to attend and accumulate instant analytical records of their students’ overall performance in class. According to Annette Beck, Director of Enterprise Instructional Technology, the UI is transitioning from the formerly used clicker software, TurningPoint.

“We feel like moving to Top Hat is a fantastic move for each instructor and college student,” Beck stated in an email to The Daily Iowan. “It is miles greater strong and simple-to-use device, which we assume will save teachers time both outside and inside the schoolroom.”

Beck said that after a hit pilot application wherein some instructors used the brand new provider, full migration to Top Hat is underway. The assignment is backed by assistance from the UI Student Government, the Academic Technology Advisory Council, and the Information Technology Advisory Committee.

Tristan Schmidt, a member of the USA Academic Affairs committee, met with Beck in 2018 to speak about issues with TurningPoint and voice scholar worries approximately the antique gadget.

Top Hat emerged as the answer, ready with complete integration with ICON to sync college students’ grades and class rosters, a committed generation-support team thru the corporation, and a large number of interactive ways professors can engage with their college students.

“Instructors get a fuller, wider range of options they can use inside the classroom,” Schmidt said.

One of the united states’ largest issues with the switch, Schmidt stated, became the cost of the new software. Students who’ve purchased a Turning Technologies subscription will need to buy another subscription if they take a direction that uses Top Hat next semester.

Top Hat may want to price around $50 for a four-yr subscription, according to UISG Academic Affairs Committee Chair Guowei Qi. However, after addressing a few problems with the enterprise, students who’ve already bought a TurningPoint Clicker license will qualify for a $20 rebate next semester. Some lessons are being given an unfastened trial while the UI starts offevolved the transition.

“We had been able to work out some tremendous deals with the business enterprise and make it cost a touch bit less for students,” Qi stated. Starting this month, Top Hat will offer one-on-one education classes for faculty who want to continue using clicker technology in their classrooms, Beck stated. For Qi, the transition manner increased involvement in the lecture room. I’m a STEM main myself, and quite a few huge lecture halls come with [clickers],” he stated. “I think they’re a super manner to increase participation. There are lots of recent functionalities with the Top Hat software, plenty more exclusive question sorts that you can ask, so I suppose it’s a wonderful way to hold college students in massive lecture halls engaged.”


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