CBS12 News Investigates: Cell phone useless zones in schools

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Many parents supply their kid’s cell phones for protection, mainly to take them to high school in case there’s an emergency. In Parkland’s closing year, cellular telephones have been a lifeline for students. But in a few schools in and surrounding Palm Beach County, mobile telephone service can be spotty. “One pal of mine, he changed into harm, and I couldn’t assist him because I didn’t have true reception,” stated Suncoast Community High School scholar Camorris Peterson. “Ensure areas, down the corridor closer to the quiet of the constructing [service] is truly horrific. But after you get toward the center, it’s in reality, excellent.

CBS12 News Investigates obtained a couple of complaints approximately mobile telephone lifeless zones at Suncoast and uncovered wi-fi client lawsuits about dropped calls close to eight other Palm Beach County Schools using a map found at DeadCellZones.Com. “It’s a huge, large hassle of human beings that think they ought to have coverage, but don’t,” stated Jeff Cohn, found the father of DeadCellZones.Com. Over the years, his internet site has amassed hundreds of lawsuits across u. S. His maplets in wireless customers to drop pins in which they’ve had problems and describe their problems.

Cohn stated it’s a commonplace to receive reviews of lifeless zones inside college buildings because of their vicinity about mobile telephone towers and the construction in their buildings. “If you have a variety of cinderblock walls, or a whole lot of steel inside the building, which can avert signals from the outside operating inner a schoolroom,” stated Cohn. After studying every high college and middle college locations in Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie counties on DeadCellZones.Com.

We determined nine schools in Palm Beach County with reports of mobile phone useless zones much less than one mile from campus. Boynton Beach Community High School and Congress Middle School in Boynton Beach had numerous reports of T-Mobile useless zones, Jupiter Community High School in Jupiter had a Verizon useless sector close by, Lake Worth Community High School in Lake Worth had a T-Mobile lifeless area nearby, Olympic Heights Community High School in Boca Raton had a Sprint useless region nearby Palm Beach Gardens Community High School in Palm Beach Gardens had an ATT dead zone nearby, Palm Springs Community Middle School in Palm Springs had a Sprint useless area nearby.

Royal Palm Beach Community High School in Royal Palm Beach had a T-Mobile useless region nearby, and Suncoast Community School had a Sprint lifeless quarter nearby. CBS12 News Investigates asked parents and students to perform their own checks outdoor of study room hours. One T-Mobile consumer at Royal Palm Beach Community High School tried to call his mom from the interior of a school building. His mom supplied a display screenshot, showing the decision failed. Another scholar, the use of Sprint, attempted to call from South Fork High School in Martin County, but her call failed too.


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