Call to Action: Tell the Patent Office Not to Reopen the “Empty Calories” Floodgates

The Supreme Court took the first-rate step in reducing back on summary software program patents when it issued its landmark ruling in Alice Corp. V. CLS Bank. Since then, courts have thrown out masses of patents that by no means must have been issued. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling is beneath danger. The Patent Office has proposed new guidance that, in our view, is inconsistent with Alice and might lead to a renewed flood of bogus patents. Please be a part of us in submitting feedback asking the Patent Office to desert this plan.

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When the Supreme Court issued the Alice ruling in June 2014, it changed into a surprise to a patent machine that had been churning out software patents via the tens of lots every 12 months. The Federal Circuit had opened the door to summary “do-it-on-a-computer” patents within advance choices. ightIn Alice, the Supreme Court moderated those holdings by way of ruling that an ordinary pc is not eligible for a patent actually because it is programmed to put into effect a summary concept. These rulings held that any standard cause computer might be eligible for a patent goodbye because it turned into programmed to carry out a particular function or commercial enterprise method.

The Patent Office’s proposed guidance would make it tons tougher for patent examiners to reject programs underneath Alice. In truth, the steerage appears designed to water down the Supreme Court’s maintaining as tons as feasible. For instance, on the subject of what counts as an “abstract concept,” the guidance proposes a restrained list not supported via Alice or the next Federal Circuit case regulation. In different locations, the steering and helping examples suggest that patent claims must be found patent-eligible even though Federal Circuit instances have determined carefully analogous claims ineligible.

The Patent Office’s trendy thought is an instance of the organization setting its thumb on the dimensions in prefer of patent applicants and on the cost of the general public. Ever seeing that Alice turned into decided, it has downplayed courtroom rulings finding software-associated claims ineligible. EFF has submitted remarks to the Patent Office again and again and again and again and all over again asking it to apply Alice diligently. Today’s steerage is the employer’s most radical pass but with precise and special guidelines that slim the Supreme Court’s maintaining. That’s why we’re asking the general public to weigh in.

Our Saved By Alice project collects memories of small organizations and innovators who had been capable of using the Alice ruling to guard their businesses. There are many more stories of invalid patents on primary ideas like online balloting, advertising on the Internet, and storing and labeling facts getting used to harass actual businesses. The promise of Alice turned into that patents like that wouldn’t issue inside the first region. The Patent Office seems determined to problem them besides.


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