Breached Patient Records Tripled Health Data Security Challenges Worsen

There become a mild increase in the variety of breaches, from 477 in 2017 as compared to 503 in 2018. Alarmingly, the wide variety of affected person facts nearly tripled from five. Five million in 2017 to fifteen million in 2018. As first stated in 2016, a trend of as a minimum one health statistics breach in step with day remained in 2018.

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The unmarried-biggest breach reported in 2018 turned into the result of hacking a Business Associate (BA). It concerned a North Carolina-primarily based fitness gadget dealer that had its affected person records accessed by way of an unauthorized birthday celebration. Hackers won access to patient facts over the route of per week, affecting 2.65 million patient information. Looking throughout all incidents in 2018, hacking was the purpose of forty-four percent of the total number of breaches in the course of the 12 months.

In every other breach, while thousands and thousands of information were not exposed, we were reminded of the risks of insider threats. In this insider-wrongdoing incident, a medical assistant stole patient data by means of printing patient profiles and giving that touchy information to others who used them to commit federal crimes. The medical assistant fraudulently gathered greater than $33,000 in unemployment blessings. This entity might also now face sizeable put up-breach fees, expected to be near $10 million per breach.

Looking at the huge image, proprietary Proteus data discovered that member of the family snooping is the most common insider-related breach (sixty seven.38 percentage of violations). The statistics additionally suggests that 51 percent of violations are repeat offenses, indicating fitness systems acquire danger that compounds over time if proper reporting, educations, and field do not arise.

Business buddies and 0.33 parties continue to be a primary source of health records breaches, as the instances above reveal. Forty-9 of the reported incidents, totaling five,328,525 data breached, were disclosed with the aid of commercial enterprise friends with as a minimum 102 incidents disclosed by means of other entities involving a BA or 1/3 birthday celebration.


Proteus, which publishes the Breach Barometer, was these days named the 2019 KLAS Category Leader in Patient Privacy Monitoring. Founded in 2014, the enterprise enables health structures to ensure fitness information is secure and is used as it should be.

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The Proteus healthcare compliance analytics platform uses artificial intelligence to audit every get right of entry to affected person facts for the country’s main fitness structures, offering healthcare leaders full insight into how fitness facts are being used and alerting privateness, protection and compliance teams to the inappropriate hobby. Proteus facilitates our associate hospitals to make selections about a way to higher shield their facts, their sufferers and their establishments. This 12 months, Proteus was named the 2019 KLAS Category Leader in Patient Privacy Monitoring. In 2018, the enterprise changed into named one among The Best Places to Work in Healthcare by using Modern Healthcare and one of the Best Places to Work in Baltimore through the Baltimore Business Journal. Learn extra at Protenus.Com and comply