Blockchain in Digital Marketing: Q&A with Jack Smith, GroupM

Since the stunning upward thrust of cryptocurrency Bitcoin over the past decade, ‘blockchain has become a big buzzword in several tech industries, from security to healthcare. However, no matter the allotted ledger technology (DLT) being billed by some because of the destiny of each fee and statistics-control system, its ability packages within the advert tech enterprise continue to be doubtful.

To that give up, on Wednesday, 27 March, GroupM released their file into the usage of blockchain technologies inside virtual marketing. Here are some of the important findings inside the file and the further perception from the writer, Jack Smith (pictured beneath), leader product officer, funding at GroupM.

Blockchain packages in advertising

Some of the essential problems gift within digital advertising and marketing currently, consisting of consumer identification, consent, authorization, and transparency, could potentially be solved by using DLT or, at minimum, aided by the modernization of inner digital methods delivered via blockchain. However, adopting those technologies is likely to be sluggish, given the current fragmented nature of the programmatic enterprise and the shortage of readability surrounding DLT.

When to apply DLT answers

Despite much of the hype, using DLT solutions isn’t an extraordinary treatment excited by all digital industries. It can be expensive or pointless to put into effect. Therefore, programmatic vendors should perform several checks before using DLT, such as assessing whether companions amend the information, if any 0.33 parties worried about updating statistics are relied on, and if verification is required. Testing blockchain answers in pilot tasks before full implementation is also exceptional.

ExchangeWire: What are the main barriers to blockchain adoption within ad tech?
Jack Smith: I assume the most important one is training. If you consider any new computing paradigm, which is what blockchain is, step one is to get your technologists to consider how that fits in with everything we do from a technology viewpoint and recognize the technological implications.

At the same time, you have to discern what the effect will be across the rest of the enterprise, which means that everyone within the commercial enterprise who would pitch in and be impacted needs to keep that area in mind. As an industry, we are certainly in the early days concerning schooling our human beings. When adopted correctly, what do you believe you studied are the primary advantages of using blockchain technologies within the ad-tech surroundings?


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