Asus Back to School offer: Get laptops at 0% EMI

Taiwanese smartphone maker Asus has announced a ‘Back to School’ offer on Asus notebooks and gaming laptops. The offer is live starting today and will continue till May 10. It provides Asus notebooks, laptops at zero-cost EMI, and warranty extensions and goodies. As part of the offer, Asus Notebooks can be purchased with a 1+1 warranty extension (total of two years )at Rs 499 and 1+2 (full three years) at Rs 1,799. Similarly, the warranty on gaming laptops can be extended by one year (full two years warranty) and two years (full three years warranty) at Rs 999 and Rs 2,499, respectively.

Buyers can save up to Rs 5,809 on Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 on select notebooks. Additionally, buyers can purchase HDD storage with new Asus notebooks at a minimal price. AIO, VivoBook, and Eeebook buyers can buy WD 1TB HDD at Rs 2,499. It is available at Rs 1,999 and Rs 1,599 for Asus VivoBook S and Zenbook. Similarly, buyers of Asus ROG/TUF/ROG DT can purchase it at Rs 1,599, along with a customized ROG T-shirt. The company has partnered with Bajaj Finserv and HDB financial services to offer zero-interest EMI in three categories- 9 by 3, 12 by 4, and 8 by 2. Buyers can pay 3, 4, or 2 EMIs as a down payment and distribute the rest of the cost amongst 9, 12, or 8 EMIs, respectively. NEW DELHI: Skype has started testing a new feature enabling users to share their smartphone screens during video calls. The feature will soon be available for both Android and iOS users.
Meanwhile, the company has also announced Asus OMG Days on Flipkart and offers up to Rs 8,000 discount on Asus smartphones…The new feature allows users to share a document or presentation with another user during a video call. The users can try the part by clicking on the button placed in the ht corner of the display while on a ring. After they must click on the ‘Share Screen’ button placed at the bottom of the shat the display’s bottoming, users can get out f the Skype chat display and start sharing the other scresharephone.

In an official post, the company said, “Want to show your coworkers a PowerPoint presentation? Or share your swipes on dating apps? Or maybe do some online shopping with your best friend? Starting today, Skype has you covered. Recently, Skype doubled the number of people that can simultaneously be on a video or audio group call. Skype users can now add 50 people to a call at once. Every Skype group with up to 50 people now supports calling, whether you’re ringing just your best friend or 45 coworkers.

The company also added a notification to replace the ringing as the default, allowing every group member to receive a quick ping to join the call. If the information about starting a call is insufficient, you can select individual members to ring, or if your group is less than 25 participants, you can ring the entire group.


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