Armed robberies at cellular smartphone stores

A Davenport mobile phone saves turned into robbed at gunpoint in December, and more preserve-u.S.Had been suggested yesterday: one in Rock Island and one in Dixon, Illinois.

Dixon Police say the place of the store performs a position, however mobile telephone shops in fashionable are a big target for criminals because of the black market.

“We all know what the fee of cellular telephones is nowadays,” said Dixon Police Lt. Bradley Sibley. “Most people do not pay the retail charge; however, they’re pretty valuable on the black marketplace.”

Sibley says the USA Cellular that changed into robbed on Monday had been robbed earlier than, maximumly probable because of its proximity to the interstate.

“This is truly the second time we’ve got had this show up at that shop. About three years in the past, we had a set, 4 gents from Kankakee, Illinois that did the equal issue,” brought Sibley. “It forms of looks like there is a nexus proper along with those communities along the interstate.”

It permits them to rob and make a quick getaway – now not staying inside the area for terribly long.

“A lot of these gentlemen will pressure out from the east aspect of the nation, whether or not it is one of the suburbs or collar counties,” Sibley said. “They drive alongside the interstate, and they forestall at distinctive places alongside the interstate where they bounce off and target an area.”

The black market gives robbers a platform to promote these telephones, with a few assists from friends.

“There appear to be lots of fees manifestly within the phones, as all of us understand. Anybody who purchases one typically gets a free phone or discounted smartphone for stepping into a plan. What we have been told, at the least, is that those gentlemen have to get the right of entry to human beings that could ruin the telephones, and in reality, they could resell them, and they are quite precious as away as what they can get for them.”

Four suspects from the Dixon theft had been taken into custody. Lt. Sibley says it’s all way to the network – a bystander noticed the suspects leaving the shop with a bag and idea something regarded off, so they wrote down the license and automobile and known as it in.


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