Are smartphones, drugs and computer systems taking a toll on our bodies?

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Texting on your phone or typing on the pc, it can all be an ache inside the neck–literally.

It’s an actual disease referred to as “textual content neck.

Doctors say the motive is that the common man or woman spends greater than eight hours an afternoon on some digital tool. Krista Aycock is one of these humans. She works the front desk for Williams Family Dentistry in Fletcher, greeting sufferers and submitting statistics.

A lot of pc, phone, texting, emailing — things like that,” Aycock said.

Over the years, it is beginning to take a toll on her frame. My lower again is always the number one,” she stated. So to alleviate some of that strain, she began going to WNC Chiropractic in Asheville. Neck ache and lower back ache are with the aid of ways our biggest attracts, I suppose, simply because generally humans companion that with chiropractic,” stated chiropractor Jennifer Schlechter.

Schlechter stated Aycock’s now not alone.

She said she sees several sufferers much like her every day who all display signs of a disease called “text neck. It’s normally the wear and tear of sitting at computers for lengthy durations of time. Our lives are dominated through technology, so even if you’re no longer sitting in the front of your computer for paintings, you are nonetheless on a tablet, or pc, at home or your cellphone, and this, like regular down, actually does start to wear at the frame,” Schlechter added.


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