AppWatch helps you stumble on apps spamming pop-up advertisements on your Android device

see this complaint appear right here on XDA and throughout many different social media sites like Reddit, Facebook, and others. The person has downloaded a few nefarious software this is inflicting a pop-up ad on their device, however, they are unable to determine out which app (or recreation) is the wrongdoer. There was once trouble with commercials in notifications but over the years it has become easier for customers to discover the source of these ads. However, these different pop-up ads are greater hard to find.

This is in which an utility called AppWatch from XDA Senior Member mrYoussef135 comes into play. It’s a loose application that is available inside the Play Store if you want to monitor the packages and games you have set up. This manner, while you see one of those pop-up advertisements seem, you could test AppWatch to find out where it got here from.