Apex Legends: Will it play on your computer?

If you want to launch an online game that one million-peculiar humans will download in a single day, then a Fortnite-style loose-to-play war royale game seems like the way to head. From Respawn and EA, Apex Legends has emerged as an immediate hit, way to its freemium commercial enterprise model and availability across PCs, Xbox and PlayStation. For PC players, Fortnite is a superb example of a pick-up-and-play recreation that doesn’t need especially high-end hardware to run. But what approximately the brand new Apex Legends? We lined up a gaggle of laptops for some anecdotal fingers-on trying to peer how the game performs. But first, here are the encouraged minimal specifications from every recreation’s developer:

Fortnite Battle Royale minimal specs

Recommended specs for PC games are not always set in stone. Sometimes the minimum spec is barely sufficient to release the sport at a crawl; at different times, you can push the boundaries and play video games decently on hardware in no way meant for it. New motive force or recreation software updates also can make a big distinction. One issue is apparent: Fortnite is constructed to run on nearly something this side of a scientific calculator, even as Apex Legends depends a minimum of on a discrete pictures card. Here are some laptops in the CNET Labs we ran the game on and what we found. Frame quotes are from the onscreen fps counter constructed into EA’s Origin recreation launcher.

  • Huawei Notebook 13
  • CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8565U
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia MX150
  • 18-24fps

Results: At the lowest graphics settings and a paltry 1,200×800 resolution, the game ran at around 18 to 24fps. That made for an uneven enjoy, however, not one that turned into definitely unplayable. In a pinch, you may probably kill some time playing Apex in the back of a crowded conference room. Stepping down even further to Intel incorporated graphics (in a Dell XPS 13), we were given 14-20fps via turning every choice down to its lowest putting, together with the decision. It’s technically playable like that; however, don’t count on to genuinely hit absolutely everyone.

For beneath $999, you may discover many computer options with Nvidia’s GTX 1060 GPU. It works first-class with most new games as long as you preserve detail ranges modest. For a quick-paced shooter like Apex, I stored the decision at 1,920×1,080 and detail tiers at medium-to-excessive settings and stayed above 80fps the whole time. Alienware 17 R4

The classic excessive-cease gaming laptop configuration for the beyond few years. A single 1080 card can still chunk through pretty much any game, and we hit among 90 and 120fps all through life in shape at complete HD resolution and high detail settings.

The final excessive-give-up enjoy. At the best detail settings and full HD decision, the sport ran among ninety and 140fps with no hitches or other issues. My biggest trouble became getting flat-out murdered over and over (and over) once more. It’s clearly manner extra photos power than this sports wishes. However, that leaves you headroom for more modern games coming later this 12 months.


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