Update Your Android Apps Now and Get The Latest Features

Google has recently announced that Android app developers must update their apps to target API level 26 (Android 8. 0 Oreo) or higher if they want to continue receiving Google Play Store support. This means that any apps not updated by the end of 2018 will no longer be available on the Play Store. For developers, this may seem like a daunting task, but it is not that difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started.

As of 2018, Google Play Store will no longer support apps that have not been updated to target API level 26 (Android 8.0 Oreo) or higher. This means that any apps that are not updated by 2018 will no longer be available.

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How to get the source code for Android apps

To get the source code for Android apps, you can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This tool allows you to pull the source code from any Android app, including system apps. To use ADB, you first need to enable Developer Options on your Android device. Once that’s done, you can connect your device to your computer using a USB cable and run the ADB command.

Best free Android apps

Are you looking for the best free Android apps? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best free Android apps that you can download from the Google Play Store. These apps are all accessible for a reason: they’re good. Consistent quality and updates have made this list rather long, so we’ve added a couple of notes to help you navigate. Let’s start with the apps that are focused on entertainment. Media apps such as YouTube and Netflix are likely to be constantly running in the background, so you may want to check how much data you’ve used and decide if you will continue automatically renewing your subscription.

The latest features in Android apps

Android apps are constantly evolving to provide users with new and innovative features. The latest Android apps offer a variety of features that can improve your experience. Whether you’re looking for ways to speed up your work, enhance your security, or keep your personal information safe and secure, these Android apps can help you do just that.

In this article, we’ll look at the best Android apps for enhancing your productivity. We’ll also share some handy Android app shortcuts to save you time and effort. Free Bonus: Download the Android Power Apps cheat sheet to get ready-made recommendations for the best Android apps for productivity and lifehacking!

How to update your Android apps

Using an Android device, you can update your apps through the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store app, tap the menu icon, and then tap “My apps & games”. You can either update your apps individually or tap “Update all” to apply the update to all of your apps at once.

Google Play Services. Open the Google Play Services app, tap the menu icon, and tap “My services”. You can either update your services individually or tap “Update all” to apply the update to all of your services at once. YouTube. Open the YouTube app, tap the menu icon, and then tap “My channels”.

Why you should update your Android apps

If you’re not regularly updating your Android apps, you could be missing out on important security updates, new features, and bug fixes. It’s essential to keep your apps up-to-date to ensure that you’re getting the most out of them. Here are a few reasons why you should make sure to update your Android apps:

Security updates: You’ll receive the latest security patches and updates by keeping your apps up-to-date.

What’s new in the latest Android app updates

Google’s monthly app update cycle isn’t exactly news. Still, the company tends to release software updates for its Play Store app a bit earlier than expected because the developer world is one of the first to get new features. The latest Android app updates include new features such as a dark mode, a new home screen, and an improved camera. Here’s what you need to know.

That’s certainly been the case with the July 6th release of Android 9, which was initially announced back in May. As the name would imply, this version of Android is designed to push developers to adopt the new platform.

The thing you should keep on your Mind


There are many Android apps available to help you manage your life. You can find an app for almost anything, from managing your finances to keeping track of your fitness. Even apps can help you learn a new language or skill. Whatever you need help with, there is likely an Android app that can help.


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