7 Ecommerce Video Marketing Tips to Help You Sell More

As brick-and-mortar retail transforms to fit an increasingly more online world, it could be a war for the common ecommerce shop to keep up. One component is apparent — ecommerce isn’t going anywhere. In truth, analysts are expecting ecomm revenue will hold to bounce via 2025. Consumers are savvier than ever, touchy to every part of your logo’s experience, and plagued by main choice fatigue. You may have precisely one second to seize their interest even as they scroll thru Instagram or open an email.

Video Marketing

Meanwhile, you’ve got an entire ecommerce internet site to run, orders to meet, shipments to manage, and strategic selections at every flip. Marketing is probably the closing thing for your mind as an enterprise owner.

The excellent news? Adding video to your website has been shown to enhance conversions using nearly eighty%. Video is a validated marketing tactic with important staying electricity, and that’s why we’re excited to accomplice with Vimeo in providing our customers the ability to create and upload videos at once from Constant Contact.

Keep analyzing to discover how creating motion pictures in your ecommerce enterprise can improve income and growth logo focus, plus everything you need to get started.

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Seven recommendations for the usage of video to sell extra online1. Make touchdown pages pop with product movies
2. Spruce up your email advertising and marketing
three. Let testimonials make the hard sell for you
4. Answer questions and deal with ache factors without delay
5. Increase time on site
6. Make shareable motion pictures for social, then flip them into ads
7. Establish a personal connection by telling your story
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Seven tips for the usage of video to promote more online

1. Make landing pages pop with product films

57% of customers say that product movies grow their self-belief in a buy. (That alone makes us quite positive you need to use them on your website.) Product motion pictures aren’t a monolith — you may personalize them to meet your distinct marketing wishes. Here are 3 of the most commonly used sorts of product movies:

Explainers take their time researching what your product does and what sets it apart from the competition. They’re designed for that character who desires to know the whole lot earlier than they purchase.
Comparison movies place you side with the aid of aspect with any other product. Although you are probably (understandably!) biased toward your goods, comparison movies are great after they show a dramatic difference between you and someone else available on the market.
Tutorials help show off your product in the video using displaying its actual-global software. Plus, depending on the academics, they may be effortlessly repurposed into DIY fashion how-to movies to proportion on social.

2. Spruce up your email marketing

It’s predicted that 306.4 billion emails will be sent daily in 2020, so you’ll be thinking: how do I stand out?

We all love a perfect email: a buzzy challenge line that screams “click on me!”, cool photos, and significant content or declares a chief sale at your favored store. But that’s no longer constantly sufficient to force a sale.

Adding video to your email advertising and marketing is like salting your meals — a touch goes a long way, and you’ll understand the second one you start overdoing. Not every email desires a corresponding video, but here are a few instances when it would assist your ecommerce business:

A new product release or hotly-anticipated seasonal campaign
A crucial assertion from a CEO or founder
When you have a human-centered logo story to proportion (video may be a powerful way to shape a relationship together with your clients)

3. Let testimonials make the tough promotion for you

It can be hard to market yourself, mainly if you’re getting started within the ecommerce world. Like writing a killer resume, a perfect marketing approach requires some bragging, especially if you’re doing something your competition can’t do.

Enter testimonial films. Using a testimonial video strategically for your advertising can offer multiple blessings for your ecommerce store:

It establishes social proof, bolstering your credibility and centering your services or products as a super solution to a capability client’s want or desire
A strategically positioned testimonial video can force a hesitant customer similarly down the funnel, like on product pages where the following motion you need them to take is that fateful click on: “Add to Cart.”

Plant-based granola bar Lupii does a splendid job at promoting itself by way of selling its top press in this video:

Here are a few more approaches you can use testimonial videos for marketing your ecommerce commercial enterprise:

Add a testimonial video or two to your social feeds to show how many people love your store.
Send focused electronic mail to customers who abandoned their carts. (Using a testimonial-driven win-back marketing campaign can show them precisely what they lack!)
Use someone else’s testimonial as a jumping-off point to invite a new customer for their assessment. (Bonus if you supply them an incentive to jot down an evaluation — talk about a loyalty-builder.)

4. Answer questions and cope with ache factors immediately

Now greater than ever, transparency topics to clients. People maintain manufacturers accountable and elevate commercial enterprise proprietors with a mission.

FAQ videos, tutorials, and how-to publications are exceptional ways to reply to people’s questions about your merchandise in an honest and tasty way. Here are some methods your ecommerce shop can use for your marketing:

Nest motion pictures on product pages to provide an explanation for any merchandise the customer desires to bring together
Include how-to motion pictures in an email to the customer as soon as their order ships
Post on YouTube or Instagram Highlights so human beings can easily reference them after they need to

For instance, furniture and indoor design organization Speak Designs does this well in their tutorial video, in which they run you through discovering products via their internet site.

Sharing movies designed to clear up your customers’ issues will display how much you care about their experience, which is a control thing.

5. Increase time on web site

Simply put: video has been located to increase time on websites online by way of as much as 88%. That means stronger customer take into account, better website online stickiness, and ultimately, more income.

Advertising internationally is a win-win(-win!) situation.

6. Make shareable movies for social, then flip them into advertisements

We’re all social creatures, and buying from your cellphone — anytime, anywhere — is an approach that you want to affect all of the most important channels. Video tends to peer higher engagement on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest: all places where your ecommerce merchandise might appear.

Videos published organically on social media also can be retooled for paid marketing for systems like Facebook and Instagram. Splice collectively the pay-in step with click ads from a product video or flip an instructional into a sponsored Instagram Story to get more bang for your dollar.

7. Establish a private connection by telling your tale

Take Wild West Diner, for instance, a small commercial enterprise using video to share its story and give visitors an experience of what they serve.

Telling your starting place stories or emblem reason with a video will jazz up your “About” web page and the growth time a capacity patron will spend there. Plus, weaving the narrative of your ecommerce commercial enterprise collectively will help you create a foundational advertising asset you may use again and again. Some ways to get more mileage out of an “About” video are: Use short clips on social media to correspond with any human-centered announcement, like a specific partnership or initiative. Weave into your process descriptions and hiring announcements to provide potential personnel a flavor of your task Share in a “Welcome” email to new prospects or clients who sign on to receive your emails.

Get started using video advertising in your ecommerce save

It’s quite crowded online nowadays, and a sturdy video advertising approach is undertaking-important to assist your emblem to stand out. While starting video marketing could be intimidating, you shouldn’t be a seasoned video editor to create ecommerce films for each advertising channel and platform beneath the solar.

We’re in a golden age of software and equipment that make video advertising and marketing feasible for all skill tiers. You can deck out your internet site with a stunning homepage hero or a product demo in some clicks (and some digital elbow grease), then sit down lower back and watch the one’s sales tick upward.


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