6 FAQ about RemotePC that you want to recognise now

We’ve been touting the wonderful blessings of our sponsor RemotePC for years, due to the fact we realize how critical it’s miles so that you can get right of entry to your home and enterprise computers when you’re away. Still, we get questions from time to time like, “What else can I do with RemotePC software?”
What a splendid query. You want a hundred% accessibility to your machine and all of the functions/abilities that come with it, so allow us to shed light on other things you could do with RemotePC.

Here are not unusual questions (with solutions, of the route!) that people ask about RemotePC.
Can I print files on my faraway pc?
Absolutely, RemotePC allows you to print files and snapshots which can be to your far off computers from anyplace you are.
To print, comply with these simple steps:
Launch the RemotePC software and log in.
Connect to an internet remote pc, and set up connection.
Select the record on the far off pc this is to be published.
Open the document and use Print command (or Ctrl+P) to print the chosen report.
Select “RemotePC Printer” within the window and click on “Print.”
Select a neighborhood printer whilst prompted, and click “Continue.”
Can I use the RemotePC software thru VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
Yes, you could use the RemotePC application through VPN. It allows you to create an at ease connection between the neighborhood and far-flung laptop and the related computers act as if they are in the equal community. Thus, customers revel in no lag throughout a far-flung consultation, and might paintings as though on their own pc.
To use RemotePC thru VPN you may want,
A lively Internet connection in both the local and far off laptop
VPN configured in both neighborhood and faraway pc
VPN enabled in the local computer
With the above necessities, RemotePC automatically detects the VPN and establishes a connection between the local and faraway computer.
Can I end an ongoing session while my computer is getting accessed?
Definitely, with RemotePC you may give up an ongoing consultation whilst your computer is being remotely accessed. When a remote laptop connects in your laptop, a message will appear on the bottom-right nook of the display. You can cease the consultation and deny get admission to to the far-flung computer by clicking “End Session.”
How can I rename or dispose of configured computer systems from my account?
To rename a configured pc,
Launch the RemotePC software and log in.
Right click on the laptop name and click on “Rename.”
Type a new name inside the text subject and click “Rename.”
To remove a configured computer,
Launch the RemotePC software and log in.
Right click on on the laptop name and click on “Remove.”
Click “Yes” in the affirmation window.
You can simplest remove the computer systems which are online or offline.
Can I drag and drop or replica documents/folders among my local and far-flung computer?
Yes, you can drag and drop files/folders among your local and faraway computer all through an ongoing session. Also, you could copy a couple of files from the far off laptop for your nearby laptop, or vice versa. You can securely switch files across more than one structures, i.E., from Windows to Mac or vice versa.
For Windows, you can additionally reproduction and paste documents/folders for transferring them among far off the computer and your neighborhood computer.
How can I configure proxy settings to apply the RemotePC application?
To configure proxy settings, right-click the RemotePC tray icon and pick “Proxy Settings.”
The following are the available alternatives:
No Proxy: This is a default putting.
Auto-hit upon: Select to get the proxy settings routinely.
Manual: Select and configure the proxy server call, port, and authentication information.