6 FAQ about RemotePC that you want to recognise now

We’ve been touting the wonderful blessings of our sponsor RemotePC for years because we realize how critical it’s so that you can get the right of entry to your home and enterprise computers when you’re away. Still, we get questions from time to time like, “What else can I do with RemotePC software?” What a splendid query. You want a hundred% accessibility to your machine and all of the functions/abilities that come with it, so allow us to shed light on other things you could do with RemotePC.

Here are no unusual questions (with solutions of the route!) people ask about RemotePC. Can I print files on my faraway pc? RemotePC allows you to print files and snapshots, which can be sent to your far-off computers from anywhere you are.

To print, comply with these simple steps:

Launch the RemotePC software and log in.
Connect to an internet remote pc, and set up the connection.
Select the record on the far-off pc this is to be published.
Open the document and print the chosen report using the Print command (or Ctrl+P).
Select “RemotePC Printer” within the window and click “Print.”
Select a neighborhood printer while prompted, and click “Continue.”
Can I use the RemotePC software thru VPN (Virtual Private Network)?


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