451 Research: Security is top statistics control assignment

Companies are increasingly more accumulating and analyzing full-size quantities of facts to enhance their services and decision-making. However, the automation of facts management interior organizations comes with more than one challenge, and protection is regarded as the top one, in line with a brand new survey. Data management automation, also referred to as DataOps, involves using a couple of technologies and procedures to simplify the gathering, garage, get entry to an evaluation of facts to allow agile, statistics-pushed enterprise choices and product development. The hassle is that without an approach in an area that takes safety into attention, organizations are prone to experiencing serious facts breaches that could bring about economic losses and a bad impact on their reputations.

Over the beyond several years, many huge organizations have experienced statistics breaches no longer due to hacking; however, due to the fact they failed to correctly configure and secure diverse Records-associated technologies along with Amazon S3 buckets, Elasticsearch nodes, MongoDB databases, Hadoop deployments, and others. In a survey conducted by way of 451 Research that turned into released these days, -thirds of respondents cited security and compliance as the top assignment associated with data management. This becomes observed by concerns associated with information excellent, the governance of allotted information, get right of entry to inner information, and data pipeline reliability.

Understanding the compliance requirements associated with information privateness turned into a mission via forty percent of respondents. The survey wondered a hundred and fifty representatives from U.S.-primarily based agencies with over 1,000 employees and not less than 2 petabytes of controlled statistics. They had terrific expertise in their corporation’s records control method. The agencies were from various enterprise segments: banking, healthcare, technology, production, retail, authorities, coverage, and telecom. Around a 5th considered DataOps already ingrained in their lifestyle, 37 percent were in the course of DataOps adoption throughout multiple departments,s and 34percent had been defining a DataOps strategy.

Data distribution and quantity growth complicate the security picture.

“Data security is a perennial subject, of the route, even as addressing statistics nice is crucial if companies are to make certain they are making a choice based totally on accurate information,” 451 Research said in its document. “Additionally, the fact that facts are increasingly more distributed throughout more than one facts platforms (relational, nonrelational and Apache Hadoop/Spark), and more than one places (on-premises and a couple of clouds) complicates the information of what information groups virtually have at their disposal.”

The push of shifting facts into the cloud is best expected to boost up. Nearly a third of respondents said that their corporation’s facts grow at a fee of 100 gigabytes to 500 gigabytes per day. Nineteen percent pronounced growth fees among 500 gigabytes and 1 terabyte in line with the day, 12 percentage between 1 terabyte and 2 terabytes, and 13 percent over two terabytes in line with day. This approach is it’s turning into tougher and extra highly-priced for groups to shop and analyze records on-premises.

According to 451 Research, forty-one percentage of surveyed corporations currently shop for more than half of their data inside the cloud, and over 70 percent of them are expected to attain that milestone over the next two years. Furthermore, 60 percent are already the usage of NoSQL databases and almost 1/2 have distributed facts clusters primarily based on Apache Hadoop/Spark. The improved reputation of these technologies and the truth that some of them were designed for inner use and lacked robust get entry to controls, or comfy default configurations may want to explain why security researchers are locating tens of lots of deployments that are publicly reachable from the net without authentication.

The top news is that many respondents whose agencies are properly on their manner into DataOps adoption are bringing up greater safety and compliance as an advantage (66 percent). Other benefits in line with the survey results consist of improved business agility and faster time to the marketplace (63 percentage), advanced decision making and enterprise perception (fifty-five percent), the creation of application-driven business competencies (54 percent) and cost reduction (49 percentage).

“While the concept of DataOps is possibly maximum associated with operational efficiencies, the survey effects indicate that those performance enhancements aren’t simply associated with agility, but additionally to safety and transformational change,” 451 Research said. “Companies which are already engaged with DataOps overwhelmingly agree that it is having an advantageous effect on their agency, and while advanced agility and performance are intently related to DataOps, the largest driver, precedence, and advantage is clearly associated with security and compliance.”


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